Indicator Search Page

This page contains a list of all Sustainable Community Index Indicators. The indicators are organized under their respective Community Health Objective within 6 Elements: 1) Environment, 2) Transportation, 3) Community, 4) Public Realm, 5) Education, and 6) Housing, and 7) Economy. Demographic and health outcomes indicators are also included.

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En. Environment

T. Transportation

C. Community

PR. Public Realm

Ed. Education

H. Housing

Ec. Economy

D. Demographic

  • D.1. Population density
  • D.2. Ethnicity
  • D.3. Per capita and household income
  • D.4. Low-income households
  • D.5. Household size
  • D.6. Employment rate
  • D.7. Residential mobility
  • D.8. Educational attainment
  • D.9. Nativity
  • D.10. Marital status
  • D.11. Youth and seniors
  • D.12. Households with children
  • D.13. Home sales
  • D.14. Cost of living
  • D.15. Homeless population

HO. Health Outcomes

  • HO.2. Early prenatal care