Policy & Design Strategy Search Page

Policy and Design Strategies are actions that can be taken by project sponsors or policy makers to achieve development targets in the Healthy Development Checklist and advance Community Health Objectives.

From this page you can search for Policy and Design Strategies, or you can click on an objective to view a page that lists all of the objective’s strategies. The objectives are organized within 7 Elements: 1) Environment, 2) Transportation, 3) Community, 4) Public Realm, 5) Education, 6) Housing, and 7) Economy.

En. Environment

  • En.1. Decrease consumption of energy and natural resources
  • En.2. Restore, preserve and protect healthy natural habitats
  • En.3. Reduce residential and industrial conflicts
  • En.4. Preserve clean air quality
  • En.5. Maintain safe levels of community noise

T. Transportation

  • T.1. Create a resource-efficient, equitable transportation system
  • T.2. Ensure the safety of the transportation system
  • T.3. Reduce adverse environmental health impacts of the transportation system

C. Community

  • C.1. Promote socially cohesive neighborhoods, free of crime and violence
  • C.2. Increase civic, social, and community engagement

PR. Public Realm

  • PR.1. Assure spaces for libraries, performing arts, theatre, museums, concerts, and festivals for personal and educational fulfillment
  • PR.2. Assure affordable and high quality public health facilities
  • PR.3. Increase park, open space and recreation facilities
  • PR.4. Increase accessibility, beauty, safety, and cleanliness of public spaces
  • PR.5. Assure access to daily goods and service needs
  • PR.6. Promote affordable and high-quality food access and sustainable agriculture

Ed. Education

  • Ed.1. Assure affordable and high quality child care for all neighborhoods
  • Ed.2. Assure accessible and high quality educational facilities

H. Housing

  • H.1. Preserve and construct housing in proportion to demand with regards to size, affordability, and tenure
  • H.2. Protect residents from involuntary displacement
  • H.3. Decrease concentrated poverty
  • H.4. Assure access to healthy quality housing

Ec. Economy

  • Ec.1. Increase high-quality employment opportunities for local residents
  • Ec.2. Increase jobs that provide healthy, safe and meaningful work
  • Ec.3. Increase equality in income and wealth
  • Ec.4. Protects and enhances natural resources and the environment