The Community section of the SCI includes measures of social inclusion, ethnic and economic integration, and political participation. Measures of community or social cohesion, such as the presence and strength of social networks, social relationships, social capital, civic engagement, group membership and political participation are all positively associated with health, whereas social exclusion, segregation and isolation negatively impact health. 

Objectives & Indicators

C.1. Promote socially cohesive neighborhoods, free of crime and violence

C.1.a. Violent crimes

C.1.b. Property crimes

C.1.c. Residential mobility

C.1.d. Community center access

C.1.e. Alcohol outlet density

C.1.f. Likelihood of leaving San Francisco

C.1.g. Neighborhood block parties

C.1.h. Spiritual and religious centers

C.1.i. Perceived safety

C.2. Increase civic, social, and community engagement

C.2.a. Voting rates

C.2.b. Volunteerism

C.2.c. Public meeting attendance