The SCI Indicators for Economy measure economic opportunity and equality. A secure livelihood, whether through employment or other means, is a fundamental human need and one of the strongest and most consistent predictors of health and disease in public health research.  Material needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and leisure.

Objectives & Indicators

Ec.1. Increase high-quality employment opportunities for local residents

Ec.1.a. Jobs paying at least self-sufficiency wage

Ec.1.b. Worker residents

Ec.1.c. Job density

Ec.1.d. Job openings and educational requirements

Ec.2. Increase jobs that provide healthy, safe and meaningful work

Ec.2.a. Health insurance coverage

Ec.2.b. Occupational non-fatal injury rates

Ec.2.c. Paid sick days

Ec.3. Increase equality in income and wealth

Ec.3.a. Income inequality

Ec.3.b. Employment

Ec.3.c. Bank or credit union access

Ec.3.d. Minority and women owned businesses

Ec.4. Protects and enhances natural resources and the environment

Ec.4.a. Green businesses