The Housing indicators in the SCI measure housing cost, displacement, segregation and quality/habitability. Connections between housing availability, cost, quality, and location and health include:

Objectives & Indicators

H.1. Preserve and construct housing in proportion to demand with regards to size, affordability, and tenure

H.1.a. Housing production and affordability

H.1.b. Excessive rent burden

H.1.c. Housing purchasing capacity

H.1.d. Home ownership

H.1.e. Overcrowding

H.1.f. Housing wage & minimum wage

H.1.g. Residential density

H.2. Protect residents from involuntary displacement

H.2.a. Fair market rate rent trends

H.2.b. No-fault evictions

H.2.c. Affordable rental housing stock

H.3. Decrease concentrated poverty

H.3.a. Ethnic diversity

H.3.b. Low-income households

H.4. Assure access to healthy quality housing

H.4.a. Housing health & safety violations