The Environment section of the SCI includes measures for energy and natural resources conservation; protection of open space; reduction of solid waste management of contaminated sites; air quality, and noise pollution.   

Objectives & Indicators

En.1. Decrease consumption of energy and natural resources 

En.1.a. Natural gas use

En.1.b. Electricity use

En.1.c. Water use

En.1.d. Solid waste disposal and diversion

En.1.e. Renewable energy production

En.2. Restore, preserve and protect healthy natural habitats 

En.2.a. Shoreline accessibility

En.2.b. Open space

En.2.c. Total trees

En.2.d. Impervious ground surfaces

En.3. Reduce residential and industrial conflicts 

En.3.a. Contaminated sites

En.4. Preserve clean air quality 

En.4.a. Air quality

En.5. Maintain safe levels of community noise 

En.5.a. Outdoor noise levels